Join Us! – Kent wide day of action – 28 November 2021

We often blame Maidstone Borough Council for the incessant house-building going on around us. But although the borough is responsible for deciding where the houses go, it is the Government which sets the housing targets which all local authorities have to adhere to.

It is of no comfort, but we are not alone – local authorities across the South East are imposing similar unwelcome and unsustainably high levels of housing on their populations too.

Recently, at the Conservative Party Conference, the Prime Minister said that housing should “Not be on green fields, not just jammed in the South East, but on brownfield sites in places where homes make sense.”

Unfortunately, despite Mr Johnson’s words, there has been no change in Government policy, it seems it was all hot air.

This  Sunday, November  28, residents and amenity groups across Kent are holding a Joint Day of Action on the theme of Save Kent’s Green Spaces.

There will be peaceful and law-abiding protests across the county. The intention is to show the Government by the sheer numbers of people taking part that ‘Enough is enough’.

The VCS contribution will be a walk to the greenfield site behind the historic  Abbey Gate Place, and adjacent to our Walnut Tree Meadow Nature Reserve, that the borough council has selected as suitable for 250 homes in its Local Plan Review.

We invite you to join us at the entrance to Ivy Mill Lane, just in front of Bockingford Steps, (ME15 6DP) 

at 11am on Sunday, November 28.

We will walk up Bockingford Lane and right along Stockett Lane (within the field boundary) till we reach the farmgate that marks the entrance  to one of the huge fields that the borough is proposing should be built on.

Then we shall retrace our steps to Abbey Gate and walk along the footpath there that takes us into the Walnut Tree Meadows Nature Reserve. Having walked part way around the reserve we shall look back across the area where the council proposes a new road will be built across the nature reserve to take traffic from the new estate out onto Dean Street.

The walk should take less than an hour. It does involve negotiating one stile at Abbey Gate.

You are very welcome to bring your own posters, placards etc to hold up for a photo shoot.

We appreciate our protest is not going to be seen by scores of people on the day, that is not the key point. Save Kent’s Green Spaces want us to submit photographs of our event for use in their social media campaign illustrating how many groups there are across Kent fed up with the loss of greenfields.

For further information about the day, visit: 

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